September 19, 2018
It is vital that mineral prospectors do their job well and consistently. When it comes to locating new resources on a constant basis, Mick Schmazian’s decades of experience serve him well. He has received a lot of praise by many for his efforts, to the point that he is now an industry executive and he is considered an expert in the field these days. A great many industries depend heavily on the efforts of mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian to help keep the flow of certain minerals moving forward.

As a noted mineral prospector, Mick Schmazian understands his role in the overall economy, and it is often of vital importance. One reason is, it is often far too easy for some large players to manipulate the market to their own benefit, which usually means their action is detrimental to others, since supply and demand on minerals is usually zero-sum. It is that reality that makes professional mineral prospectors like Mick Schmazian a very important part of the industry and the economy.
June 16, 2018
Mick Shmazian knows it is critically important that mining companies and the manufacturing companies who depend on the mineral resources they extract to make their products maintain a stable supply of resources. That is because, while these minerals are a major part of most products, the ability to keep price and and availability stable is a key to keeping their businesses and, in fact, the entire economy moving forward over the long run.

This stability is not just critical when the economy is strong; at times when the economy faces difficulty, a great many investors turn to minerals like gold and silver as a hedge against downturns in other more traditional markets. Many companies and other investors have to be able to know their investment is safe, even if they can’t keep their investments in their possession, which is why mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian serve such an important role in the overall economy. The technological march forward uses a lot of mineral resources, including some that are somewhat rare. The ability to locate and access new mineral deposits is very important because steady supply is critical.
March 16, 2018
During the most difficult or stressful economic times, the number of people who turn to minerals like gold and silver as a hedge against stock market downturns rises significantly. When that happens, companies must have the ability to store as much as possible of those valuable minerals and others. As most in the business are, Mick Shmazian is well aware that huge overheads are associated with storing and trading in many types of minerals, which means some people can all too easily manipulate supply and demand, and thereby rig the market to their own benefit. That may be great for them, but it can be quite detrimental to everyone else in the market.

As a mineral prospector himself, Mick Shmazian knows how important the efforts of everyone in the mineral prospecting profession have become. His work is critically important to many areas of the economy, and by employing the best and most efficient methods and systems for locating and extracting mineral resources, he and his fellow prospectors have become increasingly vital in the effort to keeping prices and supplies more steady and dependable than would otherwise be the case.
December 19, 2017
Few would argue that Mick Shmazian certainly defies the stereotype of a mineral prospector, if you believe they’re supposed to be man with a pick and a big hat, carrying his tools on a burro to the canyons of the American Southwest. However, he is one of the best when it comes to locating and extracting mineral resources as they are needed. You see, Mick Shmazian, as a professional mineral prospector, has built up a great reputation over the course of the last couple decades. He uses methods and systems that have been proven successful to find everything he can.

The work done by mineral prospectors tends to keep prices lower than they would be otherwise which is a great development for everyone, from investors to companies and manufacturers to consumers. Mineral prospecting is a highly skilled profession, and what they do is enormously important. Whether they search for silver, gold, coal, oil, diamonds, or another type of mineral that is critical to building technologically advanced systems, the prospector is usually involved in every step and every stage of the process, from start to finish.

Due to advancements in technology that use large amounts of mineral resources, there has developed a significant scarcity of some minerals that society needs and uses most often. The ability to maintain large stocks of certain mineral resources is critically important, as is keeping known reserves available. That means professional mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian have to do their job well and constantly locate new resources. Mick is not only happy with his job, he is happy he can identify, review, and analyze mineral deposits anywhere in the world. And so are those who hire him.