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Why Mick Shmazian is an Asset as a Prospector

March 16, 2018

During the most difficult or stressful economic times, the number of people who turn to minerals like gold and silver as a hedge against stock market downturns rises significantly. When that happens, companies must have the ability to store as much as possible of those valuable minerals and others. As most in the business are, Mick Shmazian is well aware that huge overheads are associated with storing and trading in many types of minerals, which means some people can all too easily manipulate supply and demand, and thereby rig the market to their own benefit. That may be great for them, but it can be quite detrimental to everyone else in the market.

As a mineral prospector himself, Mick Shmazian knows how important the efforts of everyone in the mineral prospecting profession have become. His work is critically important to many areas of the economy, and by employing the best and most efficient methods and systems for locating and extracting mineral resources, he and his fellow prospectors have become increasingly vital in the effort to keeping prices and supplies more steady and dependable than would otherwise be the case.